Who Are Chorus Commerce

When it comes to Shopify we’ve seen it all from funky lampshades to freaky milkshakes. In fact we know the platform inside out & upside down so we understand what will drive sales for your business and what will be a waste of your time & money. 

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Why Shopify?

Glad you asked. Well first it’s not the music-streaming service (even though we love it, click here to check out our playlists). We choose Shopify because it's safe, secure, powerful, affordable, scalable and is trusted by over a million businesses including brands like Tesla, Penguin Books and celebrities such as Kylie Jenner & Kanye West. That's why. Plus everything can be easily tracked, changed and optimised to make your website the best it can be.

How We Can Help

That's right, we provide a full range of Shopify services so you have one point of contact for all your ecommerce needs. 

SHOpify Design

Your website is the digital backbone of your business. It needs to work, it needs to look great, and it needs to convert visitors into customers.

Shopify MarketinG

We know the tactics that generate results so we help our clients create digital marketing strategies that get the most out of Shopify.

Our Greatest Hits

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